The ABB ACS55 is a micro drive suitable for use by OEMs, machinery builders and panel builders. The ABB ACS55 Micro Drive is so small and simple, users of contractors and soft starters can benefit from variable speed control. Programmed by switches, extended programming via a PC is also available.

ABB ACS55 Highlights:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • User interface via 3 rotary switches and 8 on/off function DIP switches on the panel front
  • Can be programmed via DriveConfig if extended functions are required
  • Compact size and narrow shape
  • Ideal inverter for DIN-rail mounting
  • Two mounting orientations
  • 110V single phase – input gives 240V, 3 phase output
  • IP20 as standard
  • Potentiometer option
  • Integral EMC filter for 1st environment (EN61800-3), Unrestricted distribution (C1)
  • Optimised switching frequency for low noise (up to 16 kHz silent motor)



The ABB ACS55 offers faster set up, easier configuration and is an easy drive for new users. Because of the compact design, less space is required for installation. The removable mounting clip allows DIN-rail and wall mounting from back and side of the unit giving flexible and easy mounting.


The DriveConfig kit affords fast and safe configuration especially beneficial for high volume OEMs. Programming in the box, no mains power needed.


EMC filters as standard (‘E’ model) ensuring low EMC emissions and the automatic switching frequency provides the lowest possible noise without derating the inverter. RoHS compliance, which altogether means the ABB ACS55 is an environmentally friendly inverter.


110-240 V AC, single phase supply means the output is always capable of full 240 V, 3-phase, regardless of supply voltage which means you can easily replace single phase cap start motors.

ABB ACS55 models:



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