ABB ACS580 FAQs. Do you have a burning question regarding the ABB ACS580 inverter?

We have collected a number of questions and answers below that will hopefully help guide you through the new features and functions of the ABB ACS580. However, if you find your query isn’t covered in the topics below, or you may need clarification or more information, please contact our sales engineers on 0115 944 1036 or email

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What is the maximum power and current of wall mounted ACS580?
Does ACS580 include a memory unit?
How detailed is the ACS580 event history log and how many events can be restored?
Does Drive composer use OEM customized text files?
What is the maximum frequency of the configurable DIO/DO/DI when used as a frequency input/output?
How often does the battery in the control panel need to be changed?
What is the ambient storage temperature of the control panel?
Is it possible to store the content of the Favourites folder to control panel itself?
How does the automatic backup work?
What is the principle of the energy saving calculation?
Does the usage of the embedded fieldbus require a special firmware download?
Does firmware support DC hold?
Does firmware support motor heating function?
Is ACS580 capable of controlling asynchronous (Induction) motor, PM motor and synchronous reluctance motor?
Is there a real time clock available?
Is it possible to change motor data with the user sets?
How quickly can the user set be changed?
What are the enclosure options available?
What is the nominal switching frequency of the ACS580?
Does the drive limit the output current if the switching frequency is configured to be higher than default?
How are the ACS580 main cooling fans controlled?
How are the internal cooling fans inside IP55 unit controlled?
Is flange mounting possible for all ACS580 frames?
Can a USB hub be used for the PC connection?
What is the maximum number of drives that can be connected to a PC?
What operating systems does Drive Composer support?
Is Drive Composer needed to read the support diagnostics package?
How many drives can be networked with Ethernet network?
Is it possible to get a new Drive Composer Pro licence if for example the PC with Drive Composer Pro breaks down?
Are the future updates to Drive Composer Pro free of charge?
Does Drive composer entry support Ethernet connection for PC tool communication?
How does the Safe Torque Off function operate?
When Safe Torque Off is activated, is the fault stored in a fault buffer or in an event buffer?
Why does the Safe Torque Off connection on ACS580 have 5 terminals?
Will the ACS580 frames using ACS880 hardware use also ACS880 chokes?
What are the voltage ranges available for ACS580?
What are requirements for the external +24V supply?
Are there plans about extending the power range over 250 kW?
What does all-compatible really mean?
Is it possible to use ACS580 control panel on the ACS880?
Does the Diagnostic menu show also graphical representation?
Where is the drive's name plate located on the unit?
What is the difference between settings and parameters?
What are the operational ambient temperature limits of the ACS580?
What is the main difference between ACS580 and ACS880?
Does ACS580 have DTC?
Is the ACS580 going to replace ACS550 and ACH550?
Is there any limit on the number of settings saved on a panel Back-up?
Is Drive Composer free of charge?
Is C2 EMC filter included for all frame sizes of ACS580?
Does the vector mode control both speed and torque?
Does ACS580 include a memory unit?
How detailed is the event history log and how many events can be restored?

You will find a lot more information in the ABB ACS580 documents, which can be downloaded by clicking this link. On this page you have access to the ACS580 catalogue, flyer, firmware manaual and hardware manaual. If you require further assistance then contact our engineers on 0115 944 1036 or email