Inverter Health CheckHow well does your inverter run? If it seems to be running hot or has a problem what would you do?

IDS Inverter Health Check

An IDS Inverter Health check is a complimentary visit to your site, we visually inspect your inverters and check they are working correctly and at their optimum.

We check the error logs to see if there are any issues, assist with parameter back up and ensure your parameters are saved and stored correctly.

Is there anything blocking the air vents that shouldn’t be? Has the inverter got plenty of room for air circulation?

We can check that the inverter is situated in the best position.

When we conduct a visual health check we can advise if you would benefit from a regular service and maintenance schedule to keep your inverters problem free.

What Happens If We Find A Problem?

An Inverter Health Check is designed to highlight potential issues before they become a problem and is offered completely complimentary. However, if we do encounter an immediate issue, we can act quickly. Most inverters can be repaired or serviced onsite, we have ABB Repair suitcases purpose built for almost any eventuality. Should an onsite repair not be possible we can offer a hire drives to keep you running. If your inverter does need a complex repair  we will take it to our repair facility located in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, complete the repair and return it to you in a timely fashion

Book an Inverter Health Check

To book an IDS Inverter Health Check call 0115 9441036 or email [email protected] Please note the IDS Inverter Health Check is a complimentary visual inspection of any make or model inverter. Repairs and service and maintenance contracts can be quoted for after the inspection if it is deemed advisable.