Inverters have come a very long way and whilst modern day inverters are extremely robust the environments these workhorses are placed means that eventually units will fail or with the advancement of technology will become obsolete. For older inverters repairs and spare parts are increasingly difficult to come by.

IDS offer a fully consultative inverter upgrade service. From a single unit to a complete “daisy-chain”, our knowledgeable engineers can offer the right solution for your applications.

Inverter Upgrade Service

This 1993 ABB Inverter is now obsolete (the drive still works!) As technology advances the physical footprint of the drive has reduced dramatically.

Why Upgrade?

Modern ABB drives are: smaller, with more functionality, far more intelligent and easier to use. Inverter upgrades usually give lower maintenance costs, greater reliability and reduced energy consumption. When you upgrade inverters it is not just the hardware but the accompanying software that is upgraded too. With this new technology brings new enhanced features like Firemans Override, Safe Torque off, multi pump control and new communication standards like bluetooth and wi-fi enabled. With the latest all compatible drives from ABB (ACS580, ACH580 ACQ580 and ACS880) you also have a graphical enhanced keypad.

Inverter Upgrade Service

Just like a new installation, the IDS inverter upgrade service can include, specifying, supply, installation, commissioning and we can even agree a service and maintenance contract to ensure your investment is kept in optimum condition. Each inverter upgrade service is different so we begin with a consultation, offering technical advice and support throughout the upgrade process we will be able to advise on positioning, sizing, fuse discrimination, I/O translation and we can set the parameters according to the application.

Our engineers are regularly trained by ABB and are NICEIC approved and we are certified to ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001.

For further information regarding the IDS Inverter Upgrade Service contact our knowledgeable engineers on 0115 944 1036 or email [email protected]