Inverter Drive Systems is recognised as a leading company within the ABB Authorised Value Provider (AVP) team; bringing ABB products and service straight to the customer. The strong ABB brand offers IDS the ability to move into new markets with confidence.

The reputation of IDS was built over 18 years. Reputation depends on trust, delivery and excellence; and how IDS deliver on our promises.

Trust: can only be earned from being relied upon to do the right things in the right way for our customers, colleagues, shareholders and partners.

Deliver: part of earning trust is to deliver. We listen to our customers, share ideas, really understand their needs and then relentlessly focus on delivering our promises.

Excellence: by being trusted and delivering on our promises IDS will be regarded as an excellent company; one that people are proud to work for, work with and, invest in.

These are underpinned by a commitment to developing our people and our culture in a safe and ethical environment.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the premier ABB inverter supply, repair and hire company in the UK. Responsible behaviour is one of the pillars of our Company strategy, together with trust, delivery and excellence.

Working with IDS

We are always looking for talented individuals with industry-specific experience to join our team, if you feel you are a good fit with our ethos and mission then please send a current CV to


We would like to thank all recruitment agencies or businesses but at this time we do not require assistance with these roles.


To apply for one of these roles please send a current CV with accompanying cover letter detailing your salary requirements to