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A-maizing Energy Savings at Grain Processing Plant

A-maizing Energy Savings at Grain Processing Plant

Grain processing plants are saving energy with ABB Inverters from IDS.  We surveyed the site where we found two dust extract applications. Previously we have found these applications to be high energy consumers, which we were confident we would be able to reduce by using ABB inverters to judiciously reduce the motors’ speed.

Energy Savings at Grain Processing Plant

Once we had performed a pre-logging exercise to validate the assumptions made the energy saving findings were offered to the client. The survey suggested a 15% speed reduction which predicted a saving of 39% energy (cube law), giving a predicted payback period of just 28 months. With these initial figures the client was delighted with the return on investment and proceeded with the installation.

The drives were initially set at a fixed speed, showing the client how easy it was to vary the speed via the inverters until the optimum operation speed was found.  In addition, the client requested a separate switch to change the speed setting from low to high if required.  This was installed at the operator’s desk, enabling a quick and easy way to change the speed of the motors.

We carried out post logging to demonstrate the lower power consumed.  We were able to lower the speed more than we anticipated therefore the return on investment was significantly quicker than the initial prediction of 28 months. The actual payback on investment was an ”a-maizing”  22.5 months. An additional benefit of installing the inverters, the client remarked how very pleased he is with how quiet the plant now runs.

Other Ways for Grain Processing Plants to Save Energy and Costs…

There are additional potential energy saving applications within grain processing plants such as; coolers, air compressors, dust extract units and grinders.

If you would like to see how much energy we can save you in your grain processing plant please book an Energy Efficiency Motor Audit for your bespoke site survey.  Please call 0115 9441036 or email [email protected]

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