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Condition Monitoring for Rotating

How much easier would life be if you knew ahead of time, when your assets were starting to fail? What about spotting inefficiencies? How valuable would it be if you had a device that would help you to predict and therefore prevent downtime? What if you were able to spot energy saving potentials? No, we don’t have a crystal ball, we have something much more reliable – the ability to glean data from your electric motors, inverters and general machinery such as pumps and fans. Introducing Condition monitoring for rotating equipment via the ABB AbilityTM Smart Sensor.

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Condition Monitoring for Rotating Equipment

ABB AbilityTM Smart Sensors turns rotating equipment, such as motors, into smart, wirelessly connected assets. The sensors help detect potential disturbances and plan maintenance before reliability, productivity and safety are impacted.

Easily fitted to the surface of the motor, drive or application, the Smart Sensor collects data and transmits it via a smartphone or gateway to a secure cloud service. Advanced algorithms analyse the data, providing deeper insights into the condition and performance of the monitored asset. Potential machine disturbances and energy savings can be detected and actions taken to make operations more efficient, predictable and safe. Alerts are generated as soon as any of the parameters deviates from the norm, allowing the operator to take preventive action.

ABB state that: “Early indications are that the smart sensor solution leads to a reduction in downtime of motors by up to 70 percent and extends their lifespan by up to 30 percent. Acting on the data to optimize the motor’s performance reduces energy consumption by as much as 10 percent.”

Benefits of Condition Monitoring for Rotating EquipmentBenefits of Condition Monitoring for Rotating Equipment

  • Identify inefficiencies within the system
  • Spotting energy saving opportunities
  • Reduce risks related to operation and maintenance
  • Prevent downtime
  • Condition based maintenance lowers costs
  • Extend equipment lifetime

ABB AbilityTM Smart Sensor Features

Hazardous Areas & Harsh Environments: The second-generation ABB AbilityTM Smart Sensor is designed for hazardous areas and harsh environments. Its enclosure withstands high vibration levels and protects the sensor from total dust ingress (IP66/67). The sensor is certified for ATEX, IECEx and NEC 500.

Spotting Energy Saving Opportunities: In a world of escalating energy costs, it is more important than ever to ensure all applications are running at optimal energy efficiency. The data received from your ABB AbilityTM Smart Sensor can help to identify energy saving opportunities.

Latest Technology: The Smart Sensor features the latest technology including accelerometers, magnetometer and ultrasonic microphone. Even slight anomalies in the asset’s condition can be detected at a very early stage. The sensor’s mechanical design allows the transducers to pick up the true vibrations independent of sensor’s eigenfrequencies.

Ease of use: Easily retrofitted to ABB or third-party equipment.

Longevity: The Smart Sensor is available with two battery sizes. The lifetime of the high performance sensor is up to 15 years under normal operating conditions and that of the standard performance sensor up to five years.

Where can the ABB AbilityTM Smart Sensor be used?

The ABB AbilityTM Smart Sensor can be used for industrial motors and general machinery, such as pumps and fans. Motor specifications

  • Industrial AC motors, induction or synchronous
  • Continuous duty or intermittent duty with duty cycle durations of more than 20 minutes
  • Frame sizes – IEC: 56 – 500 – NEMA: 42 – 449, above NEMA: 5000 – 6800
  • Fixed speed or variable speed
  • New or existing motors from ABB or other manufacturers

What does the Smart Sensor monitor?What does the Smart Sensor monitor?

  • Overall condition
  • Overall vibration (velocity RMS)
  • Bearing condition
  • Skin temperature (degrees Celsius)
  • Vibration in 3 axis – velocity RMS – acceleration RMS – acceleration peak to peak
  • Speed (rpm)
  • Total running time
  • Total number of starts
  • Supply frequency (Hz)
  • Output power (hp/kW)
  • Regreasing count-down


Accessing Data

The data generated by each asset can be accessed in a variety of different ways:

Web portal: a dashboard for operators to view condition and performance trends, access historical data, manage user access rights and set alerts and alarm.

App: interface to the asset’s status for technicians on the factory floor. A ‘traffic light’ display gives an easy overview of the condition of all monitored assets.

Other systems: the Smart Sensor data can be easily integrated via API into other systems, such as ERP and SCADA systems or the plant-level monitoring system ABB AbilityTM Genix.

Starting with Condition Monitoring

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