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ABB ACQ580 Drive
for Water and Wastewater

Introducing the latest addition to the ABB all-compatible drive portfolio, the ABB ACQ580. Specifically designed for the Water and Wastewater industry.

We... Specify, Install, Commission, Service, Repair and Hire, ABB Inverters

IDS has been an ABB inverter partner since 1994 providing complete support and backup to ABB’s market leading products. We are proud to be an ABB VP (Value Provider).

ABB ACQ580 Drive for Water and Wastewater

The energy efficient drive for water and wastewater pumping

The ACQ580 water and wastewater drive is built to help users, designers, OEMs, system integrators and EPC professionals, secure pumping of water and wastewater in municipal utilities, pumping stations, industrial wastewater facilities, desalination plants and irrigation environments. It offers long-term, technically-compatible drive solutions supported by full service and support.

The ABB ACQ580 features include:

Simplicity at your fingertips – The control panel’s straightforward primary settings menu with assistants helps you set up the drive quickly and effectively.

Speaks water specific terminology – The drive has built-in pump application control programs to secure optimal operation of the water and wastewater pump.

Boosting energy efficiency – The energy optimiser helps you to save energy, and the energy efficiency information is made available to you help monitor and save the energy used in your processes.

Remote monitoring solutions – Remote monitoring via standard web browsers will help reduce costs by reducing the amount of routine site visits.

Controls virtually any kind of motor – The drive has the ability to control almost any motor from induction and permanent magnet motors to synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motors.

Startup and maintenance tool – Drive composer PC tool for startup, configuration, monitoring and process tuning. The PC tool is connected to the drive‘s control panel via USB.

Robust with built-in features – A robust performer that is simple to select, and easy to install and use. Built-in features such as an EMC filter, choke, a Modbus RTU fieldbus interface and safe torque off (STO) functionality simplify drive selection, installation and use.

Reliable communication – With its wide range of optional fieldbus adapters, the drive enables connectivity with all major automation networks and control systems.

Input/output extensions – In addition to the standard interfaces, the drive has a built-in slot for additional input/output extension modules.

The ABB ACQ580 benefits to water and wastewater:

Soft pipe filling – Increase the lifetime of the piping and pump system by avoiding pressure peaks.

Quick ramps – Extend the lifecycle of a submersible pump by reducing wear of the mechanical parts using ramp sets to accelerate and decelerate the pump.

Pump priority – Achieve energy savings with optimal pump alternation by running the higher capacity pump when the consumption rate is higher.

Anti-cavitation – Extend the pump lifetime and secure the process by detecting cavitation and ensuring the optimal speed.

Auto-change – Increase the mean time between repairs and save in service costs by balancing the long-term operating time of all pumps in a parallel pumping system.

Sleep boost – Save energy while extending the life of the pump and motor by decreasing start/stop cycles during all hours of the day.

Sensorless flow calculation – Reduce costs by eliminating external components or backup the flow meters to avoid interruptions in the process.

Pump cleaning – Achieve savings by preventing unplanned downtime, by removing accumulated obstructions from the impeller of the pump.

Multi-pump control – Ensure stable and uninterrupted production with multi-pump controls by optimising the speed and number of running pumps.

Need more information about the ABB ACQ580 Drive for Water and Wastewater? Contact us on 0115 944 1036 or email [email protected] we are an ABB Authorised Value Provider and as such are able to offer sales, support and servicing we can also assist with specifying and commissioning your drives. To access ABB ACQ580 documents click here.

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