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IDS are ABB Inverter specialists. We specify, install, commission, repair, service and hire variable speed drives.

ABB Motor and Variable Speed
Drive Online Courses

ABB Motor and Variable Speed Drive Online Courses: A huge benefit of working with an ABB Value Provider (VP) like IDS has always been the access to knowledge and training via the experts at ABB. We have in previous years hosted several successful free-to-attend training days at our centrally located facility. However, we know that not everyone can attend a physical training session, so we have collaborated with the experts at ABB to bring you and your team online training from ABB. A few of these courses are even CPD accredited and are available as and when you need them at no cost other than your teams time investment to hone their skills.

We... Specify, Install, Commission, Service, Repair and Hire, ABB Inverters

IDS has been an ABB inverter partner since 1994 providing complete support and backup to ABB’s market leading products. We are proud to be an ABB VP (Value Provider).

ABB Motor and Variable Speed Drive
Online Courses

ABB Motor and Variable Speed Drive Online Courses Delivery

Using ABB approved material, these courses will be delivered by ABB’s George Dodwell who is the Water Framework Manager – South. The CPD courses are restricted to a maximum of 6 delegates, this is because the courses are certified and as such are more interactive requiring more one on one engagement. The other courses are not limited.

How to Book the ABB Online Courses

Have a read through each of ABB Online Courses descriptions listed out below. If you would like to arrange a course for your team, simply complete the short contact form at the bottom of the page and let us know which course(s) you are interested in.


Variable Speed Pumping Basics

A two part series to go through the ins and outs of pumping, How can we pump more efficiently and also what can we look to do with variable speed drives to simplify the control.

An Introduction to IPC

Intelligent Pump control, what is it how does it work and where can you use it. And why should we use it.

Best Efficiency Point Pumping

Optimizing your pump and drive combination to make sure you’re running at the sweet spot of the pump to ensure maximum pumping and energy efficiency.

Using ABB drives to reduce Panel Costs

Did you know a lot of what your doing within the PLC can be done within the drive? The Hand off auto switch can be repurposed into the keypad. In this session we will cover what the drive can do so you don’t need to add additional hardware and even make the panel smaller in some cases.

Introduction to Variable Speed Drives in Water

What Is a variable speed drive and how we use them within the water industry. Common applications and things to watch out for as well as a few tips and tricks when using drives within water.

Reducing Leakage through the use of Variable Speed Drives

Increasing the longevity of systems by using the inbuilt features within the drive to ensure we don’t over pressurise pipes and in turn we can then reduce the amounts of burst and leakage that occur.

ACQ580 Hardware Features and Benefits

Our flagship water drive, what is it and what makes it special. During this course we will cover all the key points that are within the ACQ580 and how you can use them as well as some common applications we use them.

(CPD Accredited)

An Introduction to harmonics. What they are the problems they cause. How we deal with them and how we help comply to G5/5.

Electrical System Efficiency
(CPD Accredited)

This online course provides an understanding of how drives, motors, driven loads and filters should be selected to ensure system efficiency is optimal, without making system efficiency worse by selecting the wrong equipment.

Variable speed drives and their compatibility with generators and Transformers

Did you know you may need to derate your transformer if its running variable speed drives? We will go through key points to consider when using and sizing both transformers and generators.

Selection and Operation rules for Boreholes & Submersible Pumps

Common uses for Variable speed drives on boreholes and submersible pumps, Utilising the drive to get the most out of your application. Also, key points to consider when designing a borehole or submersible pumping system.

Wet Well – Understanding the Application

A guide to the application of Wet well, all the different places and applications we can use drives for and a few hints and tricks for those extra energy savings.

Flow Calculation with Drives

Using the drive to calculate flow without the need for a physical sensor, applications where you can use it and how to get the best out of the feature.

Digitalisation in Water Explained

An introduction into the digital world. How we can use digitalisation and condition based monitoring to ensure maximum uptime of your assets.

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