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ABB ACS480 Drive Overview

ABB ACS480 Drive Overview

The new ABB ACS480 drive is now available for UK customers. We thought we would give you an overview of the latest addition to the ABB Drive family and we are sure you will agree with us, it is a simple but effective drive!

ACS480 General Purpose Drives

Described by ABB as:

“Pure easiness for your applications. Standard, easy to use drive: simplicity in a small package, delivered as effortlessly as possible.”

The ACS480 is exactly that. It brings all the essentials effortlessly and easily together to run your speed controlled applications.

Quick Comparison

The new ABB ACS480 replaces the ACS355 and ACS310. Need a quick guide to the differences?

ABB ACS480 Drive Overview


ABB ACS480 Drive OverviewTypical Applications

The ACS480 is optimised for basic speed controlled applications. The cabinet optimised design has embedded hardware and software functionalities and an intuitive control panel making it a great fit for:

  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Conveyors
  • Compressors
  • Other basic speed controlled applications

Simplicity at the core of Applications

The new ABB ACS480 has intuitive assistant panel with primary settings, home views and a big screen to ensure effortless process operations. The help button offers first aid help for unclear situations minimising the need to call for advice. Commissioning assistant helps setting up the drive and a USB connection enables end-users to connect the drive to Drive Composer Entry (freely available) for more advanced operations.

Effortless Energy Efficiency

The built-in energy optimiser and calculator together with support for energy efficient motors maximise energy savings while running processes.

Effortless Scalability

The ABB ACS480 shares the same tools and operation logic with the ACS580 reducing time needed to learn a new product. If you are unfamiliar with either, don’t worry we are on hand to give advice and support wherever needed.

ABB ACS480 Overview

The ACS480 is available from 0.75 kW to 11 kW. The features of this new drive include:

  • 3-phase, 380 to 480 V, IP20 as standard
  • Power range: 0.75 to 11 kW, cabinet optimised
  • Includes IN, ILD and IHD ratings
  • Assistant control panel as standard (ACS-AP-S)
  • Modbus RTU (EIA-485) as standard
  • C2 EMC filter as standard
  • Motor control: scalar and vector
  • Support: Asynchronous, permanent magnet motors and SynRM
  • Brake chopper as standard
  • STO – Safe Torque Off for implementing safe machinery

Control Panel

The new ABB ACS480 comes with a new assistant control panel

  • Big screen for effortless parameter adjustments
  • Removable panel for door mountings
  • Support for 13 languages (with the ACS480)
  • Commissioning assistant for fast and simple start-up
  • Home views to monitor user defined signals
  • Primary settings for fast access to most used parameters and settings
  • Help button for resolving issues
  • Intuitive user interface – simple buttons and logical operation

Protection Class and Installation

The ACS480 is available in a compact IP20 enclosure. The compact size is ideal for cabinet installation. The temperature range is impressive, from -10 °C to +50 °C without derating of output current. Height and depth are equal for all frame sizes making side-by-side installation possible and horizontal mounting. Even in higher power ratings, the drive is not too high for cabinet installation allowed for frames R1-R3.

ABB ACS480 Drive Overview


ABB ACS480 Drive Overview


ABB ACS480 Drive OverviewCabinet Installation Example

The ACS480 can be installed in tight spaces, there are two drives installed side-by-side in the cabinet on the right. The control panels are mounted on the door. The drives are covered with two RDUM-01 blank panels which are connected to the ACS-AP-S Assistant control panels via standard RJ-45 connectors. This kind of side-by-side installation saves space and allows smaller cabinets to be used. The panel door mounting enables easy operation and monitoring of the drives, there is no need to open the cabinet.


I/ Os in the base unit to fulfil the basic needs

  • 2 digital inputs
  • 1 relay output
  • Safe Torque Off (SIL3 / PL e)

The I/ O module for advanced connections

  • 2 analog inputs (mA or V mode), +10 V voltage supply
  • 2 analog outputs, AO1 (mA or V mode)
  • 4 digital inputs, DI5 (digital or frequency), +24 V voltage supply
  • 2 relay outputs

Embedded Modbus RTU for simple connection.

CCA-01 interface for effortless cold configuration.

ABB ACS480 Drive OverviewFieldbus Connectivity Options

A variety of networks can be connected. Plug-in fieldbus adapters are available for the most commonly used protocols :

  • Modbus / TCP
  • EtherNet/ IP

Note: Fieldbus modules will replace the removable I/ O module. Following I/ Os are available together with the communication modules : 2DI, 1RO, STO

Energy Efficiency

The ACS480 built-in energy optimiser ensures maximum torque per ampere. The system efficiency can be increased by reducing the magnetic field on partial loads, which in turn reduces electrical losses in the motor. The load analyser feature can be used to fine-tune the process, leading to further savings. The energy savings can be monitored with the control panel, enabling you to keep track on energy savings, monetary savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

ABB ACS480 Drive OverviewBuilt-in PID Controllers

The ACS480 features two powerful and independent PID controllers for regulating pressure, flow or other quantities based on the actual need, helping you to avoid waste of power due to less accurate process control. Increasing energy savings and the quality of both process and goods, reduces maintenance and eliminates need for an external PID controller. The PID sleep can be used to avoid many start/ stop sequences of pumps and fans, especially in level control and booster applications and PID sleep can be used to extend the PID sleep time.

Pump and Fan Control

Thanks to the PFC feature, one drive is able to control up to four multiple motors in parallel (fans, pumps, compressors). The pump autochange function starts and stops the motors based on the required capacity.

  • Balances the operation time
  • Ensures optimal output

The SPFC (soft pump & fan control) feature is suitable for applications where lower pressure peaks are desirable when a new auxiliary motor is connected online

  • Reduces stress on the system and prolongs its lifetime

ABB ACS480 Drive Overview

ABB ACS480 Options

Assistant Panel, ACS-AP-S

Set up the drive using the assistant control panel delivered as standard. With primary setting, there is no need to know any drive parameters and help button clarifies unclear situations.

Bluetooth Control Panel, ACS-AP-W

The optional Bluetooth panel enables connection with the Drivetune mobile app. Together with the Drivetune app and the Bluetooth panel users can, e.g. commission and monitor the drive remotely.

Basic Control Panel, ACS-BP-S

The icon based control panel supports users with basic operations, settings and fault tracking when nothing extra is needed.

Industrial Control Panel, ACS-AP-I

The industrial control panel is compatible with all ABB drives, thus making it simple to use a single panel with different products.

Blank Panel with RJ45 Connector, RDUM-01

The RDUM-01 panel is used in the cabinet installations for connecting the assistant control panel, basic control panel, or Bluetooth control panel mounted on the cabinet door to the drive via the RJ-45 cable.

Control Panel Mounting Platform, DPMP-01

This mounting platform is for flush mountings. It requires also a RDUM-01 (blank control panel with the RJ-45 connector) and a control panel (assistant, basic, Bluetooth or industrial).

Control Panel Mounting Platform, DPMP-02

This mounting platform is for surface mountings. It requires also a RDUM-01.

Door Mounting Kit, DPMP-EXT2

The door mounting kit is ideal for cabinet installations. A kit for one drive includes one DPMP-02 and one RDUM-01. If another control panel than the assistant panel is wanted to be connected on the cabinet door, it needs to be ordered separately.

Safe Configuration for Unpowered Drives

The CCA-01 cold configuration adapter provides a serial communication interface for unpowered ACS480 drives. With the adapter, safe isolation of both serial communication and control board power supply is possible.

PC Tools

The Drive composer PC tool offers fast and harmonised setup, commissioning and monitoring for all-compatible drives.

Fieldbus Adapter Modules

The ACS480 general purpose drives are compatible with most common fieldbus protocols. The drive comes with Modbus RTU fieldbus interface as standard.

Remote Monitoring

With a built-in web server and stand-alone dataloggerNETA-21 module enables worldwide and secure access to drives.

The new ABB ACS480 inverter is available to order now, IDS carry stock levels to ensure we are responsive to your needs. As soon as we get our hands on a demo unit we will announce open training days, so you can get a feel for this new drive. To register your interest for the New ABB ACS480 inverter or the upcoming training days, please email us at [email protected] or call us on 0115 944 1036.

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