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ABB IE4 SynRM Motors for Pumps and Fans

ABB IE4 SynRM Motors for Pumps and Fans

Over the life of an electric motor, the power cost in just one year can be ten times the capital cost. Over the life of a motor, the power cost is by far the most significant for a motor that runs most of the year.

Therefore the most important factor when choosing a new motor is its efficiency.

Motors are rated IE1 to IE4 in increasing efficiency:

If the motor is driving a pump or a fan or has a variable load then adding inverter control will give even more power savings.

ABB IE4 SynRM Motors for Pumps and Fans

ABB IE4 SynRM Motors for Pumps and Fans

ABB have just released a new type of ac motor – the SynRM motor for pumps and fans. It has IE4 efficiency as standard and is driven by an ABB inverter – either an ACS880 or ACS850. So this combination is the best of both worlds!

The SynRM motor’s rotor has no rotor bars so there are no losses associated with the currents in the rotor (I²R losses) which means a cooler rotor especially during starting.

The advantages of using a SynRM motor are:

  • IE4 Efficiency – up to 96.7% efficient!
  • Stated string efficiency for inverter – motor package – a first for a manufacturer.
  • Standard Cenelec motor frame sizes.
  • Unprecented reliability – cool rotor means cool bearings which last longer.
  • Permanent magnet motor performance with induction motor simplicity.
  • Up to 315kW.

To discuss ABB IE4 SynRM Motors for Pumps and Fans in further detail contact our dedicated advisers on 0115 944 1036 or email [email protected] or visit our dedicated SynRM Motor and Inverter page by clicking here.

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