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ABB IE5 SynRM Increased Safety Motors

ABB IE5 SynRM Increased Safety Motors

In a leap towards integrating top-tier energy efficiency with enhanced safety, ABB has introduced its IE5 SynRM (Synchronous Reluctance Motor) Increased Safety motors. This innovation marks ABB as the world’s first manufacturer to blend IE5 ultra-premium efficiency with heightened safety features, designed specifically for hazardous areas. This article explores how these motors offer not only significant energy savings and reduced emissions but also assure safety and reliability across various industries.

Combining Efficiency and Safety

ABB’s IE5 SynRM Increased Safety motors amalgamate two of ABB’s successful product lines into a singular, potent solution. These motors are engineered to deliver exceptionally high efficiency and reliability. With energy losses 40% lower than those of IE3 motors, the IE5 SynRM motors stand at the forefront of energy-efficient technology. This is critical in industries where explosive atmospheres necessitate the utmost safety standards without compromising performance.

Certifications and Safety Features

The motors are fully certified according to IECEx and ATEX standards, making them suitable for explosive atmospheres. The IE5 SynRM motors offer increased safety Ex ec (for zone 2) and Ex eb (for zone 1), as well as dust ignition proof Ex t (for zones 21 and 22). These safety features are based on an electrical design that avoids hot surfaces and sparking during normal operations. Special seals in the dust ignition proof motors prevent hazardous dust from entering the motor enclosures.

Sustainability and Reliability

The unique rotor design of SynRM motors results in virtually no energy losses, which significantly enhances their efficiency. Unlike permanent magnet (PM) motors, SynRM motors do not require the use of magnets or rare earth metals, making them a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option. This design also enhances the motors’ reliability, leading to fewer unplanned stoppages, extended service intervals and reduced maintenance costs.

Ease of Integration

IE5 SynRM Increased Safety motors are designed for easy integration. They can be used as a simple drop-in replacement for induction motors without any need for mechanical modifications. This feature is particularly beneficial in industries like pump, fan and compressor applications within potentially explosive atmospheres.

A Perfect Match with ABB Drives

When paired with ABB variable speed drives, the IE5 SynRM motors enable a seamless and efficient operation. This combination ensures that all components are optimally matched, providing everything needed from a single supplier. This is ideal for both new projects and as a replacement for older, less efficient motors.

Why Invest in ABB IE5 SynRM Increased Safety Motors?

Choosing ABB’s IE5 SynRM Increased Safety motors ensures a cost-effective solution that improves efficiency in hazardous zones. The cooler running design allows these motors to operate safely in Zone 1 environments, where traditional flameproof motors were typically necessary. Additionally, the enhanced loadability in Zone 2 environments allows for more power output from the same motor size, leading to significant cost savings.

Additional Benefits

  • Energy Efficiency: Ultra-premium efficiency class reduces energy consumption and emissions significantly, with a fast return on investment.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Lower winding and bearing temperatures reduce the likelihood of failures, decreasing maintenance needs.
  • Operational Comfort: Quieter operation creates a better work environment.
  • Sustainability: Easy to recycle, magnet-free rotor design promotes sustainability and circularity.

ABB Digital Services

To complement the physical benefits of the motors, ABB offers digital solutions such as ABB Access and ABB AbilityTM Digital Powertrain. These services provide easy access to real-time data and enhanced monitoring capabilities to ensure the optimal performance of motor-driven systems.

Embrace the future of motor technology by opting for ABB’s IE5 SynRM Increased Safety motors. Whether upgrading existing systems or integrating new installations, these motors promise unparalleled efficiency, safety and reliability. Discover how ABB’s innovative solutions can transform your operational efficiency. Contact IDS on 0115 944 1036 or email [email protected] to learn more about integrating these advanced motors into your infrastructure.

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