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IDS are ABB Inverter specialists. We specify, install, commission, repair, service and hire variable speed drives.

Adding Inverters to a Logistics and Warehousing Facility

Large logistics and warehousing facilities can save money by installing ABB inverters from IDS, up to as much as 44% per year off the energy bill!

We have recently provided a free energy efficiency motor audit at a large warehouse and logistics plant in Milton Keynes, with a range of air handling and chiller compressor units. We have calculated that by installing inverters on these units a saving of over £130,000 per year at current electricity rates.

Electricity rates have risen by 50% in the last 5 years and will only keep rising, so the continuous saving possibilities will also increase.

Once these inverters are installed this customer will see a return on their investment immediately and payback of the cost of commissioning inverters within 2 years.

Time is of the essence! The sooner these inverters are fitted the sooner they will start saving on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

Excerpt from the free energy survey showing the savings to be made:

Description Rating kW Predicted Payback months
Kitchen extract AHU 1 2.2 32.2
Kitchen extract AHU 2 2.2 32.2
Kitchen extract AHU 3 2.2 32.2
Goods In/Out supply AHU 22 5.7
High Bay supply AHU 55 4.5
Restaurant supply AHU7 5.5 14.2
Restaurant extract AHU7 5.5 14.2
Workshop supply AHU8 5.5 14.2
Workshop extract AHU8 5.5 14.2
Battery supply AHU 2.2 32.2
Battery extract AHU 2.2 32.2
TOTALS   17.4

Adding Inverters to a Logistics and Warehousing Facility

By adding an inverter to an air handling unit, we can slow the motor to the desired speed to achieve the desired output, whilst reducing energy consumption and saving on expensive electric bills., you only need to reduce the speed of the AHU motor by 20% to achieve a 50% energy saving.  To find out more about cube law see here.

To find out if your industrial or commercial premises can reduce their energy consumption call our team now on 0115 9441036 or email [email protected]

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