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Alarming Energy Forecast

Alarming Energy Forecast

A recent article in the Daily Telegraph states: Britain is on the Brink of an Energy Crisis

The Telegraph reports that we must prepare for a sharp rise in energy bills within two years as Britain comes “dangerously” close to power shortages, the chief executive of Ofgem has warned.

The country would become more reliant on foreign gas to generate electricity as European Union pollution laws meant the dirtiest coal-fired stations had to shut, said Alistair Buchanan, the regulator’s outgoing head.

“It is very important for the Government to persuade people to use less energy” 

Alarming Energy Forecast

He pointed out that gas was already 60 per cent more expensive in countries such as Japan that relied on imports. It was impossible to predict how high bills could go for British households, he said.

And we all know that this will have a huge effect on British Industry too! With already high energy prices, and now this sharp increase predicted, we will all have to look at reducing our industrial energy costs. Sooner rather than later!

Here is the interview with Alistair Buchanan sharing his concerns: You can read the full article here

So what can British Industry do to save energy? There are a lot of energy efficient domestic products out there from simple exercises like changing your light bulbs through to installing solar panels. But for manufacturing and larger concerns, now is the time to look at something a bit different and make real, industrial sized energy savings – Inverters 

There are a number of ways in which Inverter Drive Systems can make drastic savings; water companies are already using our inverter drives to become more energy efficient, in fact so much so we have recently been nominated for an award. HVAC units controlled by an inverter can also save tremendous amounts of energy and therefore money. Take a look through our case studies and see how we have helped British Industry to become more energy efficient.

And it all starts with a survey. Call 0115 9441036 to arrange for one of our sales engineers to visit your site and conduct a free energy survey. The visit will take about half an hour to an hour dependant on your site size. Don’t wait for the forecasted shortages, act now! Click through and complete our Energy Survey form and we will call you to get your appointment booked in.

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