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Are Inverters Phase Sensitive?

Are Inverters Phase Sensitive?

In this article, Blaise Ford, MD of Inverter Drive Systems, answers a question we are frequently asked: Are Inverters Phase Sensitive?

Blaise explains: “Inverters take single or three phase mains, rectify it and then chop it up again to give variable frequency, variable voltage output. The three phase rotation, brown-black-grey or brown-grey-black, is lost when it is rectified and becomes dc. This means that the rotation direction of a motor always needs to be performed once an inverter has been fitted.

Are Inverters Phase Sensitive?

If the motor was running in ‘reverse’, in older inverters, we used to have to swap two phases over to get the ‘forward’ direction of the drive to be forwards on the application. Nowadays on the ACS880, ACS580 and ACS480 inverters, we have a ‘Motor phase order’ parameter which now allows a change in phase rotation within the software rather than changing cables. This speeds up installation and is very convenient.”

Inverter Drive Systems Ltd have been implementing solutions such as better process and application control and energy reductions utilising inverter technology since 1999. We have a team of qualified and innovative engineers, who have installed and commissioned inverters in a variety of environments: food manufacturing plants, quarries, mines, pumping stations, office buildings, sewerage treatment works, hotels, Waste recycling centres, plastic extrusion companies, breweries, manufacturing plants and a whole host of other environments. Where ever there is an electric motor an inverter can be used to control the speed and significantly reduce energy usage and costs.

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