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Commercial Energy Saving Through use of Inverters

Commercial Energy Saving Through use of Inverters

There are many areas where commercial organisations can reduce their energy use, and indeed you may already be looking at some of them. For example

  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Improvements to the building fabric; like insulation
  • Improvements to building services

It is this last area, building services, which is often overlooked and where great savings in energy and running cost can be made. The energy reduction is achieved by retrofitting inverters. That generally means air movement fans, heating and ventilating systems (HVAC) and heated & chilled water pumps.

Commercial Energy Saving Through use of Inverters

What sort of energy reduction can you expect? Savings of 25 to 30% are typical. For example, fitting an inverter to a 30kW motor that controls airflow in a ventilation system and runs 5,000 hours per year would save 76,500 kWh of electricity per year. Which can equate to just over £6,000 saving per year. The cost of fitting an inverter to a 30kw motor is approx. £3,000 therefore you gain a return on your investment in 6 months making future savings a welcome addition to your bottom line.

When IDS fit inverters to such applications we install sensors as well, so that the system adapts to varying conditions to squeeze the maximum savings while maintaining optimum conditions for the building occupants.

So the benefits are clear:

  • energy use reduction
  • comfort for the occupants
  • substantial cost savings contributing to the bottom line


Plus, of course, you can feel good knowing that saving the company’s money is also helping to save the planet.

Click here for our Energy Saving Guide for building owners, operators and tenants or call our inverter engineers on 0115 944 1036 or email [email protected]

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