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Energy Saving for Air Handling Units

Energy Saving for Air Handling Units

In this video, we explain how you can save energy by applying an inverter to your air handling unit. To book a free energy saving survey click here

Energy Saving for Air Handling Units

By adding an inverter to an air handling unit, we can slow the motor to the desired speed to achieve the desired output, whilst reducing energy consumption and saving on expensive electric bills. As Martin describes, you only need to reduce the speed of the AHU motor by 20% to achieve a 50% energy saving. You can find out more about Cube Law here.

In addition to Air Handling Units there are a number of other applications that can benefit from inverter control, including: pumps, air compressors, cooler fans, dust extractors, grinders etc.

To find out if your industrial or commercial premises can reduce their energy consumption call our team now on 0115 9441036 or email [email protected] and book an Energy Efficiency Motor Audit. These surveys are always conservative and will give you good indication of the energy and therefore the costs you will save year on year. The report will also highlight the conservatively estimated ROI period. If you have further questions regarding energy saving for air handling units, speak to

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