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Energy Saving with Inverters

Energy Saving with Inverters

In this video Blaise Ford, MD and Engineer with Inverter Drive Systems Ltd shows us 2 ways to save energy with inverters.

Controlling the Speed of the Motor

The first method to save energy is use the inverter to slow the motor down when the demand is low. In this video we use our demonstration rig which consists of a motor, fan and of course an inverter. Blaise switches the rig on, the motor is running at full speed and you can hear the air from the fan rushing through the duct.

During this demonstration the motor draws 0.8 Amp, but that could easily be 8 Amps or 80 Amps depending on the size of your motor. Blaise slows the motor down to 80% speed. You can see in the video as Blaise reduces the speed, the Amps drop. With the motor running at 80% speed it now draws only 0.6 Amps – that’s quite an energy saving!

Flux Optimisation

ABB inverters have a feature called flux optimisation. If the motor is low-loaded, the flux optimisation feature reduces the voltage of the flux in the motor to save further energy. The motor has been reset and is once again drawing 0.8 Amp. As Blaise switches the feature on, the volts drop steadily and once again the motor is reduced to drawing just 0.6 Amps from the supply.

Reducing Energy Consumption

This demonstration video shows 2 ways inverters can be used to reduce energy. Use both options to save even greater amounts of energy. These savings can be achieved on a variety of applications including: fans, pumps, compressors, mixers, grinders, cooling towers, conveyors, heating and ventilation systems etc… wherever there is an electric motor that powers an application, it is worthwhile seeing if the energy used can be reduced by applying inverter technology.

Energy Saving with Inverters

We have successfully saved energy at a variety of premises, from manufacturing plants, quarries, mines and warehouses to office blocks, hotels and restaurants. IDS offer a completely free survey to determine predicted energy savings, to request a survey please call 0115 944 1036 or email [email protected]

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