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Green Deal

Green Deal

In a previous article we looked at the realities of the Green Deal and how it applies to business owners.

Despite the complexities of the Green Deal initiative, this author takes the view point that any encouragement to reduce our industrial carbon footprint is to be encouraged.

Green Deal

For a business to qualify The Green Deal has a golden rule:

The Green Deal’s Golden Rule states that the energy savings a property makes in a 25 year period (it is possible to choose a shorter period of time, but return on investment must be paid for within the time period) must be equal to or more than the cost of implementing the changes in the first place. In essence no one wants to install a measure that won’t pay for itself.

With an average return on investment of 9 to 18 months when retrofitting inverters to large air handling units, refrigeration stores and manufacturing processes do fit well within these parameters.

So why haven’t Inverter Drive Systems decided to become an accredited Green Deal Installer? There are a few reasons:

  • the focus of the initiative seems to be solar panels or energy efficient lighting
  • as with all things there is a cost to become ‘accredited’ and with such low up-take it has yet to make good business sense to invest
  • the launch and subsequent marketing of this initiative has been very low key, let’s face it we have all seen initiatives fail.

That said I remain positive about the Green Deal imitative and believe that with tweaking, publicising and if they widen the scope of energy saving products (this blog from The Green Deal website is indicative of this point)http://www.greendealinitiative.co.uk/2013/04/energy-efficient-products-to-slash-your-business-electricity-bill/ Then the Green Deal initiative and its accreditation could become appealing to us.

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