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Hot Weather – How To Get More Out Of Your Pumps

Hot Weather – How To Get More Out Of Your Pumps

Q. It is really hot outside, can I speed my pumps up?

We’ve all heard about what happens when we fit inverters to fans and pump motors. Slow them down a bit and save lots of money, Cube Law and all that sort of stuff. Click on the link for a quick reminder.

How To Get More Out Of Your Pumps

There are times however, when slowing the motor down to save energy is not an option, for example it’s not wise slow down cooling pumps or fans during periods of really hot weather. Occasionally it may not be enough even at full speed (50Hz mains frequency) to cool things down. There is a solution to this problem when a fan or a pump is fitted with an inverter or variable speed drive. The whole point of an inverter for motor control is to vary the output frequency, normally we slow the motor down but in practice the inverter is capable of speeding up our pump or fan to speeds greater than normal mains frequency. What this means is that cooling pumps or fans can provide a greater output or throughput than if they were powered directly from the mains.

The only thing you have to remember is to stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines with regard to the maximum speed and power and you have a quick and easy solution.

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