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IDS Host ABB AVP Drive Expert Day

IDS Host ABB AVP Drive Expert Day

On the 5th December Inverter Drive Systems (IDS) played host for the ABB AVP Drive Expert Day. The day was a mixture of technical training, new features and best practices.

We hosted fellow AVP’s Sentridge Control and Central Group and were joined by ABB Drive Experts: Andy Preston, from ABB UK and Arnold Taddeo and Katja Pulkkinen who travelled over from Finland to deliver the training.

IDS Host ABB AVP Drive Expert Day

The varied agenda started with a review of the new ABB Ultra-Low Harmonic Inverter and 4Q platforms. Swiftly followed by a synopsis of the improvements to the ACQ580 and ACH580 drives.

Managing Director of IDS, Blaise Ford commented: “The highlight of the day for me was the wider applications of the Ultra-Low Harmonic Inverter. I found it very impressive!”

Just before lunch we discussed the general product portfolio update, including product roadmaps and availability.

After lunch we got stuck into the newest drive the ACS480. Including product descriptions and roadmap, before spending the afternoon focusing on specific training on the ACS580, ACH580, ACQ580 and the ACS880.

Industrial Technical Account Manager, Leon Ball said: “It was really good to get more information on the newly released ACS480 range of inverters. Really good to have more meat on the bones!”

The ABB AVP Drive Expert Day concluded at 4pm, with a lot of insights gleaned, with closing comments from ABB’s Andy Preston: “Many thanks for attending the sessions and making them so lively, the factory guys went home with a lot of great comments from the UK team (as usual)”

These ABB AVP training days are an important part of our AVP (Authorised Value Provider) status and allows us to stay at the forefront of the latest ABB inverter technology.

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