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IDS Saves a Hotel Group Nearly £500000

IDS Saves a Hotel Group Nearly £500000

IDS, in conjunction with Consult Maskell are predicting to help Village Urban Resorts save nearly £500,000 annually, by reducing their energy consumption by nearly 5,000,000 kWh and carbon liability by 2770 tonnes of CO2.  This was achieved by installing ABB inverters to their air handling units, pool, spa and other pumps.

After trialling VSDs on the air handling units at the Village Urban Resort Walsall, IDS were able to show pre-trial costs of £18,870, but by installing the ABB drive, we proved new running costs of just £9662 pa.  That’s 49% reduction in energy cost!

After comparing before and after airflow readings with the maintenance manager at the Village Urban Resort Walsall site, he indicated no problems since the inverters were installed and was perfectly happy with the airflow and the internal environment of the Hotel with the VSD’s set to run at 40Hz.

This installation also reduced the total kWh used per year on both motors by 115,000 kWh, which equates to 315 100W lamps left switched on for 10 hours a day 365 days a year.

It should also be noted that by saving energy on these 2 trial installs only, carbon savings equate to 85 tonnes of CO2 as well, and when the levy of £16.00 per tonne is added to the equation, due to Village Urban Resort being a half hourly metered company under CRC regulations, saves another £1,020 per year.


Based on these figures, Niall Fotheringham from Consult Maskell, working on behalf of the hotel chain gave IDS the go ahead to install throughout the group. Inverter drives were subsequently installed in 19 of 27 Village Urban Resorts sites, with predicted cumulative savings of around 5,000,000 kWh of electricity costing just under £500,000 the company expects a return in their investment in under 12 months.

IDS Saves a Hotel Group Nearly £500000

Quote from Niall Fotheringham:

These inverters are saving a fortune for VUR and were a fairly easy concept to sell to the board. They were also hassle free to get installed. IDS did the survey and the installation, shutting equipment down for a minimum of time during the installation. An added but unexpected bonus is not only that they save energy, but by slowing motors and air handling units down they help reduce noise, an important factor especially at night in Hotels.

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