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IDS Welcomes New ABB Area Sales Manager Stuart Ruskin

IDS Welcomes New ABB Area Sales Manager Stuart Ruskin

IDS Welcomes New ABB Area Sales Manager Stuart Ruskin: Stuart is the new Area Sales Manager with the ABB Drives Team and will be working closely with IDS as a part of our ABB VP status. As an ABB VP we work in partnership with ABB and enjoy levels of support not available to non-VPs. Stuart will be teaming up with our own sales team and site engineers to add value to the IDS Inverter offering and therefore to our customers.

IDS Welcomes New ABB Area Sales Manager Stuart Ruskin

Previously at Edmondson Electrical for 16 years, Stuart has a lot of experience he hopes to share with our team.

Stuart has worked on a huge variety of industrial applications and his specialities include improving processes and fault finding.

Stuart comments: “IDS have massive experience in application installs, 9 times out of 10 IDS will have done an application the same or very similar before. ABB make great products, but we rely on our VPs to fit and look after these products. Having the manufacturer and installer have such a close working relationship, means customers benefit from the complete backing of ABB and the technical acumen and experience of IDS.

Another real plus for customers is the amount of stock IDS hold, to order direct from ABB there would be a time delay, whereas IDS are likely to have the product sitting on the shelf which means they have the ability to ship stock immediately.”

Our customers will no doubt be meeting Stuart soon as he accompanies our own Area Manager, Darryl Renshaw on site visits.

IDS, MD Blaise Ford said: “Stuart is a great addition to ABB’s team and already we have seen the value he has added. He has fit in seamlessly with our team and is very proactive and keen to help us and our customers in any way he can. We care all looking forward to working with him and the wider Drives and Motion team”

Stuart concludes by saying: “The whole team at IDS have been very welcoming and I am looking forward to continuing to craft a great partnership moving forwards.”

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