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Introducing the New ABB ACS580

Introducing the New ABB ACS580

The wall-mounted ABB ACS580 is an all-compatible general purpose inverter. It makes complicated processes appear simple to control. The inverter controls a wide range of applications in different industries, and yet it requires very little setting up or commissioning. The control panel’s primary settings menu with assistants provide you a smart and quick way to commission the inverter and get it into action. All the essential features are built-in as standard, which reduces the need for additional hardware and simplifies inverter selection.

Introducing the New ABB ACS580

The new ABB ACS580 is ready to control pumps, fans, conveyors, mixers and many other variable and constant torque applications. The wall-mounted inverter is also available with IP55, UL Type 12 protection class which is designed for applications exposed to dust, moisture and other harsh environments. The massively compact IP55 protection over the whole power range is optimized to match the size of IP21 drives, with only depth increasing. The robust and protective design ensures that no additional enclosures or components are needed, which enables straightforward installation on to the wall. The IP55 inverter guarantees safety of the machines and personnel while leading to savings in space, maintenance, engineering, material costs, as well as in setup and commissioning time.

The New ABB ACS580 key features

  • Easy to select, install and use
  • All essential features built into the drive
  • Straightforward settings menu and assistants for fast commissioning
  • Energy efficiency features for optimal energy use
  • Connect to any automation system or use stand-alone
  • Technical support, service contract and extended warranty available
  • Intuitive, easy to use key pad with USB port with a variety of graphics and functionality and a  help button which is context sensitive


Introducing the New ABB ACS580

If you would like to discuss the features of the new ABB ACS580 inverter then contact us on [email protected] or call 0115 944 1036. We will be happy to provide all the information you require.


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