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Introduction to the New ABB ACS580

Introduction to the New ABB ACS580

The wall-mounted ACS580 is an all-compatible ABB general purpose drive. It turns complicated to simple to control processes efficiently. The drive controls a wide range of applications in different industries, and yet it requires very little setting up or commissioning. The control panel’s primary settings menu with assistants provide you a smart and quick way to commission the drive and get it into action.

Introduction to the New ABB ACS580

All the essential  features are built-in as standard, which reduces the need for additional hardware and simplifies drive selection. The drive is ready to control pumps, fans, conveyors, mixers and many other variable and constant torque applications. The wall-mounted drive is also available with IP55, UL Type 12 protection class which is designed for applications exposed to dust, moisture, vibrations, and other harsh environments.

The very compact IP55 protection over the whole power range is optimized to match the size of IP21 drives, with only depth increasing. The robust and protective design ensures that no additional enclosures or components are needed, which enables straightforward installation on to the wall. The IP55 drive guarantees safety of the machines and personnel while leading to savings in space, maintenance, engineering, material costs, as well as in setup and commissioning time.

What if you require even more sophisticated features? You can choose the next member of the all-compatible drives portfolio, such as the ACS880 industrial drives. The drives share the same user interfaces and options, enabling you to use the knowledge you have gained with the ACS580  drives. You increasingly keep saving time. And saving time in business means saving money and improving profit potential.

Simple is beautiful. And now, simple is also profitable.

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