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IDS are ABB Inverter specialists. We specify, install, commission, repair, service and hire variable speed drives.

Inverters For Metal Works and Foundries

Inverters For Metal Works and Foundries

Inverters for Metal Works and Foundries: Metal Works and Foundries know the value of utilising variable speed drives to help with process control and energy saving. We have been delighted to find that as with other industries, they are working with us to get the most from their assets.

In this overview we explain some of the ways we add value for our Metal Works and Foundry customers:

24/7 Technical and Breakdown Support

Metal Works and Foundries rarely run to conventional hours. To match this, we offer all our customers out of hours emergency support. Whether you need technical advice or require an onsite repair or hire drive, we have engineers on call 24/7. Simply call our main number 0115 944 1036 any time.

Fleet of 65 Hire Drives for Breakdown Cover

Our hire drive range of inverters are transportable and ready cabled for quick and easy shipping to you on site. Alternatively, they can be loaded into one of our vans with our fully ABB trained Engineers who will be able to install and commission the drive to get you back up and running avoiding costly downtime.

No need to worry about parameter settings, as with our hire drives, they all come with a keypad that will store your parameter settings. If you are an existing IDS customer with a service contract, we will ensure that the hire drive is pre-programmed using your parameters before we arrive on site, saving you valuable time and money.

Large Inverter Stock for Immediate Delivery

At IDS we carry a large stock of inverters, over £400k worth in fact, in sizes up to 500kW. No long lead times, no delays.

Energy Saving

For many organisations, energy is one of the top 3 production costs. The energy saving potential of variable speed drives is well documented, but how do you really know what can be saved on each application before you invest (we achieve particularly good energy saving results when applying variable speed drives to pumps and fans)? The answer is simple: with a free energy efficiency survey from IDS. We will visit your site, assess the applications and provide conservative calculations with predicted payback periods. We are happy to assess individual applications as well as entire sites with varied applications.

You can view an interesting and pertinent case study we created based upon the potential energy savings for a Steel Castings Manufacturer.

IP55 Inverters for Harsh Environments

No matter how demanding your process is or harsh your operating environment is, the robust electrical design of the ABB Inverters will meet and exceed your expectations for uncompromised productivity. The high-durability equipment is constructed to tolerate wide ranges of temperature, humidity, vibration, chemicals and corrosives, meaning fewer breakdowns, production stops and unnecessary losses.

What Applications

Essentially, any application driven by an electric motor will benefit from variable speed drive control.

We have been particularly successful with inverters for metals and foundries on:

  • Process pumps
  • Extract fans
  • Air compressors
  • Hydraulic power packs

Inverters for Metal Works and Foundries 

At IDS we specify, supply, install, commission, service, repair and hire ABB variable speed drives. We work with metal companies and foundries, supporting each site with our 24/7 breakdown cover, we carry a huge stock of drives and have them ready to fit should one of yours go wrong. We also have a large range of hire drives, run a preventative maintenance service and are on hand 24/7 for technical advice and support. To see how we can help your site, call us on 0115 944 1036 or email [email protected]

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