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More Fieldbus Options Now Available For Variable Speed Drives

More Fieldbus Options Now Available For Variable Speed Drives

Extended set of tools bring greater flexibility to fieldbus based connections

ABB has introduced a number of features and additional tools that offer the variable-speed drives user more options when connecting drives to fieldbus networks.

One of the features is PROFIsafe, the safe version of the fieldbus system ProfiBus. This allows safety signals to be sent via fieldbus instead of using expensive hard wiring, reducing cost significantly. The addition of PROFIsafe to ABB drives brings commonality with the ABB AC500 PLC, allowing a complete safety system to be designed and built to enable PROFIsafe a special Ethernet module is required, the FENA-21. This module has the added advantage that it is a two port device, allowing networks to be created with a daisy chain connection, removing the cost and complexity of Ethernet switches.

A remote monitoring module, the NETA-21, allows the drive to report via e-mail or text, generating tables and data about performance or faults. The NETA-21 makes the customer’s system more secure from tampering, whilst allowing the monitoring of remote locations such as water sites or wind farms from anywhere in the world.

A new version of the MOXA modem allows the NETA-21 to be connected to the telephone network, useful if an Internet connection is not available, or if firewall issues prevent connection. The modem allows a telephone SIM to be included so the NETA-21 can access the telephone network to send text messages and alerts to phones, and also allows remote connection of the drives when Ethernet connections are not directly available.

More Fieldbus Options Now Available For Variable Speed Drives

A new PC tool allows electronic data files to be generated to teach the PLC about the drive connected to the fieldbus network, giving more accurate connections to industrial fieldbus networks. It will also allow the PLC to use all of the features available within the drive with minimal manual intervention needed by the PLC programmer.

Upgrading existing drives to later ABB products is aided by a new fieldbus mode that makes the replacement drive look like the installed unit, cutting the reprogramming needed. Status word information also matches earlier drives, ensuring no PLC reprogramming when a new drive is either added to an existing network or replaces an earlier drive.

An RS485 embedded ModBus link allows Ethernet to be used without the need to purchase a separate fieldbus adapter and allows easy connection of the drive to PLCs and HMIs.

User programmable status and control words give added flexibility about the status data that can be sent over fieldbus, while a raw data mode makes it easier to see if signals arriving at the drive are correct or not. This gives greatly reduced diagnostic and set up times when commissioning and using fieldbus.

All these features are available on the new ABB general purpose drive, ACS580 and the ABB industrial drive, ACS880.

ABB (www.abb.com) is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility, industry, and transport and infrastructure customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in roughly 100 countries and employs about 140,000 people.

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