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Reactive Pump Controller Video

Inverter Drive Systems, Managing Director, Blaise Ford, talks about the benefits of the Reactive Pump Controller (RPC) exclusive to IDS.

Reactive Pump Controller Video

In sewage works, the pumps on the primary settling tank are normally controlled by timer alone and by definition they pump more sludge than you need to.

IDS use the features of an ABB inverter to measure the viscosity of the sludge, and in turn, the percentage solids. As you pump the viscosity of the sludge drops and the inverter stops the pumping at a pre-determined level. This means it pumps on sludge percentage solids, not timer. Typically, this reduces the volume of the sludge pumped by 50%.

The Benefits of a Reactive Pump Controller are:

  • Significantly reduced tankerage
  • The storage tanks on site have effectively double the volume
  • There is less manual intervention
  • The downstream de-watering costs are reduced
  • We halve the pump energy costs and we double the pumps life
  • We don’t use any sensors, we don’t need calibration and the payback is in months.

To discuss the IDS Reactive Pump Controller please call our dedicated team on 0115 944 1036 or email [email protected]

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