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Reducing an Energy Bill That Costs The Earth

Reducing an Energy Bill That Costs The Earth

It is a fact that 50% of the electricity generated in the UK is for industrial use.

It is also a fact that 65% of this industrial electricity is used to run motors.

Approximately 25% of this energy is wasted by inefficient mechanical control methods and frequent over-sizing of applications at the design stage.

Over a motor’s lifetime it will consume 100 times more in energy than its initial purchase cost.

The Climate Change Levy is adding 10 – 20% to your electricity bill and electricity costs are rising due to high demand and low capacity within the UK.

Reducing an Energy Bill That Costs The Earth

Control your motors’ energy costs

Variable Speed Drives (inverters) can save massive amounts of energy by replacing inefficient mechanical control methods and matching the motors speed to the requirements of the load to which it is attached.

How can Inverter Drive Systems help?

We can perform a free-of-charge energy efficiency motor audit of your site to identify motor applications that will save large amounts of energy by modifying the way they are controlled. We have been performing energy surveys for over 20 years and we find that 80% of the energy consumption is within 20% of the applications. These applications are usually found within the site services which tend to run constantly and offer the shortest payback time.

Typical applications include air-handling units, extraction fans, cooling water pumps, hydraulic pumps, air compressors, heat pumps, cooling towers etc. All these applications offer large energy savings and low payback times of between 6 months and 2 years.

A report is created which outlines the applications with the best potential for energy saving. We can then perform energy monitoring, install a temporary inverter and re-monitor to prove the energy savings.

To discuss reducing your commercial or industrial energy call our team now on 0115 944 1036 or email [email protected] to book a free Energy Efficiency Motor Audit.

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