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Reducing Loses in the Energy Chain

Reducing Loses in the Energy Chain

When quenching our thirst, we rarely think about the power needed to fill a glass of water. In order to enjoy a glass of tap water, the water needs to be pumped. The pump itself needs to be run by a motor, but how much power must be produced for the motor to run? The power travels from the power plant through power lines to the motor. Along this journey, power losses occur.

Reducing Loses in the Energy Chain

At the motor, we can make a difference. You can run the motor at full speed and throttle the output, or you can use an ABB Drive to run the motor, at the actual speed needed. This results in enormous energy savings right away. We know when it comes to cutting down energy losses, everything counts!

Want to see how much energy can be saved by reducing the speed of the motors that power your water pumps? Book an energy efficiency motor audit with Inverter Drive Systems call 0115 944 1036 or email [email protected]

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