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Repairing Obsolete Variable Speed Drives

Repairing Obsolete Variable Speed Drives

The first question to ask is: Is it worth it?

Repairing Obsolete Variable Speed Drives: Obsolete drives are those that are no longer available to buy, there are no lifecycle services available and replacement parts can be very difficult to obtain. ABB drives are workhorses, they last and last, especially when they are well maintained. However, if you do have an obsolete drive on a critical application then we strongly advise you consider upgrading. For those on non-critical applications, then it is important to have a plan in place to mitigate an eventual failure.

The Cost of an Obsolete Variable Speed Drive

In a recent case, a new customer had an obsolete variable speed drive, an ACS600. Before we became involved, the drive had been repeatedly repaired as it kept failing. This was costing the customer not just for the repairs but the cost of the standby plant and the loss of production. We discussed the price of a brand-new ABB ACS580 and we quickly realised that he had spent more than twice as much on repairs as he would on a brand-new drive. The customer is now a proud owner of an ACS580.

ABB Obsolete Drives

The following ranges of ABB drives are obsolete: Sami Star, ACS300, ACS400, ACS500 & ACS600. The list of obsolete and limited drives is quite long and changeable. To enquire about a specific model please get in touch and we will be able to advise where each drive is within its lifecycle.

Do You Have an Obsolete Variable Speed Drive?

The ACS600 drives are now obsolete, we will be happy to visit your site and have a chat about devising an upgrade schedule. Which will include an analysis of the best replacement drive, a quotation to supply, install and commission the new variable speed drive and if desired, a preventative maintenance schedule. To book an obsolete drive review please call us on 0115 944 1036 or email [email protected]

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