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Saving Energy in a Data Centre

Saving Energy in a Data Centre

One of the biggest challenges data centres have (apart from the obvious security measures) is keeping the computers cool. Overheating is a constant danger. Any form of ‘down time’ can be disastrous. To combat this data centres employ various chilling equipment; condensers, chilled water pumps, chiller compressors and air handling units (AHUs).

Saving Energy in a Data Centre

Data centres are high energy users, with the demand for more and more data storage, the increase in the popularity of cloud based systems and a continuous increase of businesses reliant on the internet, data centres energy usage has never been greater.

The benefits of adding inverters to data centres:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Fast payback – typical ROI in just 9 months
  • Reduced COemissions
  • Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA)
  • Interest-free loan from the Carbon Trust
  • Contribute to meeting Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC)

IDS supplied, installed and commissioned inverters on the chilling equipment in a Nottingham data centre.

Adding inverters assisted the data centre to keep the environment’s temperature constant. We added inverters to the chilled water pumps, condensers and AHUs. Being able to keep the environment constant with inverters on these applications achieved energy saving results of 37.2% year on year. That is substantial energy/cost savings! This freed up extra supply capacity, which has enabled them to increase their server bank/client capacity.

Because of the critical nature of the business, data centres tend to hold spare inverters on site. They rely on the ABB recommended schedule of preventative maintenance included in the IDS service contract to ensure the inverters continue to run smoothly.

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