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SEA LIFE Weymouth Breathes New Life Into Holding Tank

SEA LIFE Weymouth Breathes New Life Into Holding Tank

Our engineers are used to visiting large industrial plants, remote water treatment sites as well as mines and quarries. Whilst the scenery en-route to these premises can be breathtaking, it made a welcome change for us to visit the picturesque seaside town of Weymouth.

SEA LIFE Weymouth is set across a 7 acre Park with over 2,500 creatures to see in both indoor and outdoor exhibitions. They got in touch with IDS as we have previously supplied, fitted and commissioned 2x ACS550 variable speed drives for their inlet water pumps.

SEA LIFE Weymouth Breathes New Life Into Holding Tank

SEA LIFE Weymouth have a blower which is used to add oxygen to a holding tank. The blower was star delta, so was running at full speed, all the time. To control the air flow into the holding tank they had to fully open all the valves to keep the pressure down.

We re-appropriated one of their existing ACS550 drives and added it to the blower. Once fitted and commissioned we ramped down the speed of the blower enabling them to fully control the amount of air sent into the holding tank, without the use of the valves.

Whilst the addition of the variable speed drive has given them far better process control, they will also be benefitting from the associated energy savings you get whenever you are able to reduce the speed of an application. By turning the speed of the blower down, it will use less energy. In this instance, by reducing the speed by just 10% will save them £839 every year!

How’s Your Process Control?

If you have an application running at full speed and find yourself using valves or dampers to control the flow, there is a more effective way! By applying a variable speed drive, you will have much more process control and invariably, whenever you turn the speed of a motor down you will also save energy. At IDS we take the guess work out! We offer a free site survey, call us on 0115 944 1036 or email [email protected]

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