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Stockpiling is Causing Water Companies Major Issues

Stockpiling is Causing Water Companies Major Issues

There is no doubt, we are in unchartered waters. The Coronavirus global pandemic is affecting everyone. Unfortunately, there has been a certain amount of panic from the UK population, stockpilers are causing everyday basics like eggs, pasta and toilet rolls to be in short supply. The latter is causing major headaches for our Water companies.

Responsible for both clean and wastewater, the UK’s water companies are having problems with consumers resorting to using wet wipes, kitchen roll and even newspaper and flushing them away! These items should not be disposed of through our sewerage system as they cause blockages. Thames Water has warned via their Facebook page:

“We’re reminding everyone to help us by not flushing wet wipes/kitchen roll down their toilets if they’re affected by a toilet paper shortage or simply want to get rid of used wipes & other cleaning products from their homes. Instead, they should be thrown in the bin. Thank you.”

This isn’t the first time these issues have been raised, although never in the quantity we are currently witnessing. Should this practice continue then our water companies will soon run into major problems, especially as we are all rather understaffed with a percentage of each workforce self-isolating.

Stockpiling is Causing Water Companies Major Issues – Help is at hand!

Fortunately, help is at hand! Take a look at this video from ABB it highlights how the Water Industry specific ABB ACQ580 Variable Speed Drive’s Pump Cleaning function can help clear blockages!

ACQ580 Pump Cleaning Feature

The pump cleaning feature prevents pump clogging. It achieves this with a series of rapid reverse and forward rotation of the impeller. The pump cleaning activities can be scheduled so as not to interrupt the normal pumping duty or it can be programmed to alert you when the need for cleaning has been detected.

The main benefits of the ABB ACQ580 pump cleaning features are:

  • Reduces downtime and lowers manual cleaning costs
  • Lowered pump running costs due to higher pump average operating efficiency
  • Cleaning cycle counter indicates earlier investigation of failing pumps or screens

Put your trust in ABB

IDS are a part of the ABB VP network (Value Provider) and as such are authorised to carry out sales, service and repair on the full range of ABB variable speed drives, including the water industry specific ACQ580. We hold a large stock of these drives and are ready to supply, install, commission, or hire these drives. We operate a 24/7 emergency line call us on 0115 944 1036.

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