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Tarmac Ballidon Quarry Back In Production In Just 4 Hours

Tarmac Ballidon Quarry Back In Production In Just 4 Hours

We don’t say it often enough, but a huge thank you to our engineering team, who together, got Tarmac Ballidon Quarry back up and running in just over 4 hours (and that includes an hour for our engineer to get to site).

Here’s what happened:

7:30 am We receive a technical support call from Andy Dixon at Tarmac Ballidon Quarry Powder Plant. They appear to have a failed 132kW inverter which was assigned to the plc-controlled main crusher. This failure has ground the quarry to an abrupt halt. Our engineer manning out 24 hour Technical Support Line was Blaise Ford. Blaise advises Andy to check some parameters and to run a test.

8:55 am We receive a call back from Andy to say the inverter failed the test. Immediately IDS mobilises and pretty soon Andrew White, not knowing exactly what is wrong with the drive, gathers up an ABB repairs suitcase and a suitable hire drive and heads to the site, located about an hour’s drive away.

Midday The quarry is back up and running again with a hire drive in place and the failed drive is on its way back to our facility for us to work on. The customer’s site is back up and running and we are set to analyse the inverter to see what has caused the failure.

In just over 4 hours we got the quarry back in production, not all heroes wear capes, sometimes it is a hire drive and a couple of engineers that saves the day!

Awesome work from both Andrew and Blaise and of course our inhouse support team who make sure our repair suitcases are always well stocked in order for the engineers to be able to respond to such events. They organise schedules as well as materials and quite frankly make small miracles happen on a weekly basis. Well done team IDS!

If your site needs this level of support from highly trained inverter engineers, call our 24/7 support line on 0115 944 1036.

We can help with hire drives, repairs, spares, specifying, supply, commissioning and servicing of ABB inverters.

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