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Thinking Outside The Wooden Box

Thinking Outside The Wooden Box

At IDS each of our team members play an important part in our overall service delivery. Some are rather obvious and visible to our customers, like our team of engineers our office team at the end of the phone and our sales team who keep in touch with our customers. Others, however, are less visible but have just as big an impact on the business. Like Wayne Draper. Wayne is responsible for IDS health and safety regulations, quality assurance procedures and our environmental policies. Part of Wayne’s role is to dispose of the excess wood that builds up constantly. This wood is from deliveries we receive including non-standard pallets and cable drums. As you can see some of the drums are huge!


Thinking Outside The Wooden Box

Rather than send these off to landfill, Wayne decided to use modern technology to see if the wood would be of use to others in our local community. Wayne listed the wood on Ebay but had very little interest. Then he added the pictures of the pallets and drums to Facebook Marketplace and a number of local people jumped at the chance of repurposing the wood. Some wanted fuel for their outside burners, helping them to make the most of their outside space and we know a good portion of the pile went off to help with a GCSE Wood Working project. Others had their hearts set on repurposing the wood for the community to enjoy.

In these pictures you can see some of the pallets repurposed and turned into a rather swanky bug hotel!


If you think that is cool, wait until you see what a Reception Class have created when they used the wood in their playground!


Mud kitchen tables, animal pens, creativity corners and tool stations… what fabulous ways to reuse and repurpose the pallets and drums!

A big thank you to those that sent us pictures of their creations – they really do look amazing and a huge well done to Wayne Draper, for thinking outside of the wooden box and making some community projects possible all the while preventing unnecessary landfill waste!

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