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Timber Merchant Reduces Energy with Inverter Technology

Timber Merchant Reduces Energy with Inverter Technology

Allen & Orr Limited are a traditional timber merchant with sites in Chesterfield and Doncaster. Phil Whiteley, Director, got in touch with IDS after reading an article on how inverters can reduce energy consumption and reduce costs on large motor applications.

IDS Area Sales Manager, Darryl Renshaw, conducted an initial energy survey to determine just how much energy saving potential there was on the DOL wood chipping extract unit. The initial conservative estimate was a 10% speed reduction which would have seen a return on investment in 22.8 months. However, the inverter is achieving almost double the projected savings and so they will see a return on their investment in just 12 months.

Timber Merchant Reduces Energy with Inverter Technology

Timber Merchant Reduces Energy with Inverter Technology

The Details

IDS supplied, installed and commissioned an IP55 rated, ACH580 wall-mounted inverter on a 45 kW motor which powered a wood chipping extract unit at the Allen & Orr site in Chesterfield.

Pressure Sensor

We added a Pressure Sensor to keep the suction of the extract constant. A minimum speed is introduced so blockages are avoided, additionally we ensured that the particulate discharge stays within Local Authority limits.

Timber Merchant Reduces Energy – The Savings

Annual energy cost before the inverter = £13,000.

Annual energy cost post inverter = £6,600.

This is an annual saving of £6,400.

What the client says:

Phil Whiteley, Director comments: “I just want to acknowledge how fabulous the service has been, from the first site meeting to communication with you which has of course been an absolute pleasure. The installation has been remarkably smooth with the minimum of disruption and everyone has been beyond professional on every level. We can’t thank you enough.”

Working with IDS

Inverter technology can drastically reduce energy consumptions and therefore provide substantial cost savings. When considering applying inverter technology to motor driven applications it is advisable to conduct an energy survey to ascertain just how much energy and therefore costs can be saved on each application. To arrange a free survey, please contact us on 0115 944 1036 or email [email protected]

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