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Inverter Drive Systems Ltd

IDS are ABB Inverter specialists. We specify, install, commission, repair, service and hire variable speed drives.

Variable Speed Drive Shortage

Variable Speed Drive Shortage

Due to the global chip shortage, we are advising that some variable speed drives may have longer than usual lead times. Here at IDS, we are working hard with our in-house stock, hire drives and alternative inverter models to mitigate the repercussions this variable speed drive shortage might have for our customers.

Variable Speed Drive Stock

As a part of our commitment as an ABB VP, here at IDS we carry a stock of over £400k of drives at all times, so it is worthwhile checking to see if we have the model you require in stock.

Hire Drives

If there is a delay obtaining your drive, please remember we have hire drives ranging from 7.5kW up to 500kW which are transportable and ready cabled for quick and easy shipping to you on site. Alternatively, they can be loaded into one of our vans with our fully ABB trained Engineers who will be able to install and commission the drive.

Alternative Inverter Models

There are certain inverter models that are more difficult to get hold, ABB do many ranges of inverter which might suit the application. In all cases, it is advisable to have a chat with one of our engineers to see if we can suggest an alternative if the preferred model is not available.

Preventative Maintenance

Now more than at any other time, it is vital that your existing drives are looked after. Talk to us about servicing your variable speed drives to help keep them in tip top condition.


We only use genuine ABB spares and both parts and labour are covered by a 12-month warranty. We have invested in ABB specifically designed comprehensive repair suitcases and are able to respond in a timely fashion to breakdowns.

Variable Speed Drive Shortage

If you have any concerns about either ordering, servicing, hiring or repairing variable speed drives please call us on 0115 944 1036 or email [email protected]

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