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Inverter Drive Systems Ltd

IDS are ABB Inverter specialists. We specify, install, commission, repair, service and hire variable speed drives.

We will take care of your Inverters!

We will take care of your Inverters!

Maintaining your inverters in-line with the recommended maintenance schedules ensures maximum availability, minimum repair costs, optimised performance and will extended your inverter’s lifetime. At IDS we service any make of variable speed drive.

Inverter servicing from IDS involves the use of PM (planned maintenance) kits to replace the few components that need periodic replacement e.g. cooling fans. We are an ABB VP (Value Provider) and as such we are authorised to repair, service and maintain ABB inverters.

At every service we:

  • Back up the drive parameter settings to the control panel & the Engineer’s laptop. Send parameters in pdf format to customer.
  • We will store your maintenance reports and parameters.
  • Remove the drives main cooling fan & blow out or vacuum the heatsink section to ensure a good airflow through the drive.
  • Clean any air filters if present or change these if necessary.
  • Make sure all mains & motor connections are torqued up.
  • Make sure all controls connections are tight.
  • Send service report on condition of drive along with any recommendations & parameter settings to customer.

We also operate a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week support line with free technical advice and guarantee our Inverter Service Contract holders a maximum 12 hour response time in the event of a breakdown.

IDS have a large Hire Inverter fleet – up to 560 kW, which, should the worst happen, we can use one of these drives to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

The main benefits of an Inverter Service Contract with IDS:

  • Prolonged inverter life
  • Peace of mind
  • Free technical support
  • 24/7 – 365 support with on-call engineers
  • Preferential access to our extensive hire drive stock
  • A wide range of inverters and spares held in stock
  • Maintenance report and parameters backed up on our server

An IDS Service Contract can be applied at any stage of your inverter’s lifetime, please speak to Andrew White, IDS Service Manager about an Inverter Service Contract by calling 0115 944 1036 or email [email protected]

So now that is sorted, put the kettle on and grab 5 minutes of peace!

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