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What is an Inverter?

What is an Inverter?

An Inverter can be compared to a dimmer switch for lighting. Usually your lights are either on or they are off, when you add a dimmer switch you are able to choose your level of lighting. The same principal applies with Inverters and industrial motors. As Pirelli say: ‘Power is nothing without control!’

What is an Inverter?

An Inverter, when attached to an electric motor in industry for either moving air or water around a system, or a motor for processing control, an inverter gives the ability to slow down or indeed increase the speed of the motor. When the speed of the motor is controlled by such a device very significant savings can be enjoyed, especially when cube law applies. Cube law is explained in another article here. 

Why use an Inverter?

There are a number of benefits from retro-fitting inverters:

When attached to HVAC (heating and ventilation) systems, the energy savings can be huge as well as being able to control your environment far more efficiently.

When applied to factory processes they enable a soft start, a far more gentle way of initiating start up and give a huge amount of control to equipment and machinery that would otherwise lack flexibility.

When used in refrigeration or chilling plants they offer valuable control and large energy saving opportunities.

Who would need an inverter?

Almost anyone with industrial premises would benefit from using inverters. We have serviced a diverse range of clients over the years from large water companies, hospitals, schools, to refrigeration plants, food factories, numerous types of manufacturers, panel builders and quarries and even used them to help MacDonald’s restaurants across the country reduce their carbon footprint, view the case study here.

Can your premises benefit from using inverters?

Utilising an inverter on your systems or processes can have huge financial and energy saving implications will reduce your carbon footprint and give you far more control. It is little wonder then, that we are seeing an increase in requests for our popular free energy saving audits

To arrange your free energy saving audit or to discuss your process and system requirements Call us on 0115 9441036 or complete our online energy audit request form here.

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