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5 Steps to Energy Efficient Motor Control

5 Steps to Energy Efficient Motor Control

For more than 20 years we at IDS have been analysing, surveying and highlighting viable energy-saving potentials for customers in almost every industry. Often by creating new and innovative uses of the inverter technology. But how do we know what applications will benefit from inverter control? Below are our 5 steps to energy efficient motor control:

5 Steps to Energy Efficient Motor Control

1. We start with a guided survey of your plant with a member of your team. We normally look for large electrical motors or motors that run for extended periods of time. We will need to know your average cost per kWh and the operational hours.

2. From this data we will present a report to you in a spreadsheet format, which will include budget costs for the inverter(s) install, calculated power savings, payback time and annual monetary savings made each and every year.

3. If the report is of interest we can record actual power or current readings of the preferred applications (usually highlighted by the report). Typically we log this data for a week. This data is then added to the report to give actual power consumed which will enable you to see the applications that are most worthy of investment.

4. The next step is to place an order with IDS and our experienced team of inverter engineers will install and commission your new drives using sensors and PID control where appropriate. We also offer a service contract which gives a free extra year’s warranty to help protect your investment.

5. Once the inverters are installed we can fit loggers to verify the savings previously identified.

Getting started!

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