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How To Reduce Noise With An Inverter

How To Reduce Noise With An Inverter

In this video, Blaise Ford, MD of IDS demonstrates how to reduce noise with an inverter.

Using our demo rig which consists of an ACS480 inverter, an electric motor and a fan, Blaise starts by running the fan at full speed, 50 Hertz and then slows it down to demonstrate how much the noise generated by the fan is reduced.

How To Reduce Noise With An Inverter

For those not able to watch this video with the sound on, as he starts the demo rig, the noise from the fan is considerable and it is quite hard to hear Blaise over the top of the constant whooshing noise. As Blaise uses the inverter to slow the fan down by 20%, we can hear that the noise generated by the fan is reduced significantly.

Reducing Inverter Electrical Noise

You can, however, still hear an electrical noise, which is generated by the switching frequency of the inverter, but because it is generated by the inverter this too can be eliminated.

As Blaise explains, the switching frequency is set at 4 kilohertz which is well within a human’s audible range. Blaise changes the switching frequency to 12 kilohertz, which then takes the electrical noise out of the audible range of most humans. Now even that electrical noise has all but vanished.

As you can imagine, this noise reduction is important for environments that need quiet, like hospitals and even in office and industrial settings this noise reduction can make the environment much more tolerable. You too can significantly reduce the noise generated by your fans by reducing the speed of the motor and you can almost eliminate the electrical noise generated by the switching frequency of the inverter with one simple parameter change.

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