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ABB Energy Optimiser

ABB Energy Optimiser

Variable speed drives are synonymous with energy saving (click here if you need a reminder how drives save energy), but did you know there is an additional function within ABB Drives that will give you energy savings without reducing power? Watch this video from IDS’ Blaise Ford to find out how to activate the ABB Energy Optimiser (also known as Flux Optimisation) and how much energy this function saves, all without a drop in power! Don’t worry, if you can’t listen to the video right now, we have also included a handy transcribe below:

ABB Energy Optimiser

IDS’ MD Blaise Ford demonstrates the ABB energy optimiser (or Flux Optimisation) feature. Using our demo rig, which consists of an ABB ACS480 variable speed drive, a motor, fan with a damper (which in this demo will stay open). We also have some dials which shows the input current for the variable speed drive, output voltage from the drive and speed of the drive. On the variable speed drive keypad we can see the output frequency and the power consumed. We will be checking these during the demonstration.

Blaise switches the motor on, on the keypad we can see that the motor is taking 0.21-0.22kW which could be 21-22kW. On the demo rig dials we can see that the motor is running at 100% speed (50Hz) and we are at full voltage – 230V. We are ready to switch the energy optimiser on!

Blaise navigates to the function in the ACS480 keypad and enables the energy optimiser. Returning to the home screen on the keypad we can see that the motor is now taking 0.20kW instead of the 0.21-0.22kW as shown earlier. Saving between 5-10% of the energy used. There is no change in speed and there is no change in air flow. You can see on the demo rig dials the speed is still 100%, but the drives output voltage has dropped from 230V to around 210V. This has caused the energy savings!

More Energy Saving Opportunities

If you want to explore the full range of energy saving opportunities, you can book a free electric motor energy survey. Our engineers will visit your premises and assess your applications, run times and your current energy costs. From this, they will provide a conservative estimate of the amount of energy and therefore, money you can save. If you already have drives installed but are not reaping the rewards or engineers can also arrange an assessment and give constructive technical advice which will enable you to make the most of your assets without compromising processes. Call us on 0115 944 1036 or email [email protected] to book.

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