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ABB Synchronous Reluctance (SynRM) Motors – The efficient choice.

ABB Synchronous Reluctance (SynRM) Motors – The efficient choice.

ABB-Synchronous-Reluctance-1In this article, George Dodwell from ABB tells us about the benefits of the ABB SynRM Motor.

So, in the world of efficiency, why wouldn’t you want the most efficient motor in its class? Running cooler with less audible noise and a higher class of energy efficiency why wouldn’t you use SynRM?

SynRm motors have revolutionised the market with class leading IE5 technology, The IE5 motor differs from the norm as the rotor contains no magnets instead, it is made up of single sheets of punched steel.

The benefits are easily demonstrated, with reduced operational costs through energy efficiency as the motor is IE5, a true pioneer in energy efficient motors.  Lower winding and bearing temperatures help with increased equipment reliability and longer lifetimes. The SynRM motor runs quieter than previous technologies of motor allowing for a much more pleasant working environment.

Did you know?

In its first year an electric motor will use ten times its purchase cost in electricity? And what makes this even better is a Synchronous reluctance motor is around the same price as its IE4 predecessor so why wouldn’t you for an extra couple of percent energy efficiency its basically free?

Last week I was working with a well known food manufacturer where we looked at switching to ABB Synchronous Reluctance motors from standard IE3 and the benefit was huge, resulting in ROI of 6 months.

ABB-Synchronous-Reluctance-3How does it work, I hear you ask?

Synchronous reluctance motors contain a revolutionary design of rotor. The rotor contains no electrical circuits or magnets and is instead made up of slices of punched steel. These are optimised to the magnetic field of the stator windings. If you can think back to the iron filing and magnet experiment from school days where you had the magnetic pathways this is reflected in the image left of the pathways internally within the motor. This is how we generate the torque.

Synchronous reluctance motors are available in sizes from 5.5KW up to 315KW and would you believe it are at a very similar price point to your standard IE4 motor.

SynRM and Inverter Packages

Because SynRM motors are always paired with an inverter, you have much more control over the motor, smooth starts, variable speed and of course additional energy saving opportunities.

For more information or to discuss your Synchronous Reluctance motor requirements please contact the IDS team on 0115 944 1036 or email [email protected]

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