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Intelligent Pump Control

Intelligent Pump Control

ABB’s ACQ580 inverters are ideal for the water industry and pumping in general. The inverter’s range from 0.75kW to 500kW in both 6 pulse and Ultra Low Harmonic variants.

What I find most interesting about the ACQ580 is the IPC or Intelligent Pump Control software for controlling pumps in parallel. All you need to do is connect the embedded fieldbus and enter some basic pump control details, it’s simple. The pumps can then be set up to keep a constant flow, pressure, or tank level, calling in assist pumps when necessary and modulating the inverters’ speed for optimal control, both process and energy wise.

The key features of Intelligent Pump Control are:

  • Optimal control of pumps in parallel for the best energy savings.
  • Control of the process, be it pressure flow or level.
  • Auto change pumps to keep the pump wear even.
  • Prioritise pumps if, for example, one pump is less efficient than the others.
  • Remove pumps for maintenance and the IPC is aware and will use other pumps.
  • Quick ramps can be employed to get to the operating speeds quickly and smoothly – particularly useful with borehole pumps.
  • Level control allows the use of an analogue signal to turn the pumps on and off – no need for a level controller.
  • Sleep function – when not required, pumps can go to sleep whilst still monitoring the process ready to operate when needed again. A boost can also be used to reduce the number of start / stops when using the sleep function.
  • For pumps on wastewater, a pump clean function can be activated on a preset time or a change in power consumed to clean the pumps and retain efficiency.

All in all, the IPC software, in conjunction with all the other usual ABB inverter functions means that the control of a pump set can be done very simply and economically without the need for expensive external controls.


Working with IDS

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