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ACS880 Integrated Safety

ACS880 Integrated Safety

In this article we focus on the tremendous safety features available with the ACS880 inverter and it’s lovely colour!

ACS880 Integrated safety reduces the need for external safety components, simplifying configuration and reducing installation space. The safety functionality is a built-in feature of the ACS880, with safe torque off (STO) as standard.

Additional safety functions can be commissioned with the optional and compact safety functions module that includes safe stop 1 (SLS), safe break control (SBC) and safe maximum speed (SMS). The drives’ functional safety is designed according to EN IEC 61800-5-2 and complies with the requirements of the European Union Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

ACS880 Integrated Safety – Safe torque off as standard

Safe torque off (STO) is used to prevent unexpected start up and stopping-related functions, enabling safe machine maintenance and operation. With safe torque off activated, the drive will not provide a rotational field. This prevents the motor from generating torque on the shaft. This function corresponds to an uncontrolled stop in accordance with stop category 0 of EN 60204-1.

ACS880 Integrated Safety – The safety functions module

The easy to connect and configure safety functions module FSO-11 comes with a range of safety functions and a self-diagnostic function that meets current safety requirements and standards, in one compact module. Compared to using external safety components, the FSO-11 comes with the supported functions seamlessly integrated with the drive functionality, reducing the implementation of safety function connections and configuration. Installing FSO-11 results in less needs for cabling and provides a cost effective solution packed in to a single safety functions module to ensure safe drive operation. Commissioning and configuration of the safety functions is done with the drive composer pro PC tool. The drive and FSO-11 is easy to connect to a safety PLC using PROFlsafe fieldbus adapter module (FENA-11).

The operational frequency of the FSO-11 is up to 200Hz of the drives output. The safety functions module supports the following safety functions (which achieve up to SIL 3 or PL e safety level (Cat.3) :

Safe stop 1 (SS1) brings the machine to a stop using a monitored deceleration ramp. It is typically used in applications where the machinery motion needs to be brought to a stop in a controlled way before switching over to the no torque state.

Safe stop emergency (SSE) can be configured to, upon request, either activate STO instantly (category 0 stop), or first initiate motor deceleration and then, once the motor has stopped, activate the STO (category 1 stop).

Safe break control (SBC) provides a safe output for controlling the motor’s external (mechanical) brakes, together with STO.

Safely-limited speed (SLS) ensures that the specified speed limit of the motor is not exceeded. This allows machine interaction to be performed at slow speed without stopping the drive. FSO-11 comes with four individual SLS settings for speed monitoring.

Safe maximum speed (SMS) monitors that the speed of the motor does not exceed the configured speed limit.

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