Inverter breakdown?
Not sure an inverter would work?
Need an inverter in a hurry?
At IDS we have hire drives ranging from 7.5kW up to 500kW


Hire Drives

There are typically two occasions when hire drives are required, the first to prove energy savings before committing to the outlay and the second in a breakdown situation.

Inverters are used to control critical applications. From controlling the pump in water pumping stations, grinders in animal feed mills, massive sorting machines in recycling plants to production lines in manufacturing sites – even temperature control HVAC applications in our hospitals! So what happens should your inverter fail? Usually this can lead to very expensive down time in production or in the case of a hospital far more concerning repercussions, but it doesn’t have to!

Our hire drive range of inverters are transportable and ready cabled for quick and easy shipping to you on site. Alternatively, they can be loaded into one of our vans with our fully ABB trained Engineers who will be able to install and commission the drive to get you back up and running avoiding costly downtime.
No need to worry about parameter settings, as with our hire drives they all come with a keypad that will store your parameter settings. If you are an existing IDS customer with a service contract we will ensure that the hire drive is pre-programmed using your parameters before we arrive on site, saving you valuable time and money.
If your inverter needs to be repaired or serviced we will bring it back to our premises and fully test, repair or replace the drive as necessary.
Once we have successfully repaired or serviced your inverter we will return with our engineers to perform the swap out or you can return the hire drive to us.
Short or long term inverter hire available to meet your timescales. If you require any further information about any of our ABB range of hire drives, or other services we have to offer email us [email protected] or call us on 0115 944 1036 to discuss your requirements.

Below is our current range of Hire Drives

hire drives