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How Do I Service My Variable Speed Drive

How Do I Service My Variable Speed Drive

As we know, electrical and mechanical assets require service and maintenance to make sure they continue to run efficiently and to reduce the risk of failure. An inverter is no different. Just like your car or your central heating boiler inverters need to be serviced, maintained and updated. It is key to note that complying with the ABB inverter preventative maintenance schedule ensures you maintain your ABB Inverter Warranty.

How Do I Service My Variable Speed Drive?

To increase drive reliability and cut operational downtime costs, IDS strongly recommends ABB’s preventive maintenance programme. Variable speed drive preventive maintenance consists of annual inspections and component replacements according to the ABB approved maintenance schedule. These have been devised from decades of experience of supply, install, repair and maintaining inverter drives. For example, components such as a drive’s cooling fan may require yearly inspection, with replacement necessary every three years. On the other hand, various components, connections and cables require inspection, with ad hoc replacement as necessary.

ABB Variable Speed Drive Preventative Maintenance Schedule

IDS offers a Variable Speed Drive Service Contract, but what happens during these annual maintenance visits?

In addition to the ABB Inverter Preventative Maintenance Schedule recommendations, IDS will during every visit:

  • Back up the drive parameter settings to the control panel & the engineer’s laptop sending the parameters in pdf format to the customer.
  • Remove the drive’s main cooling fan & blow out or vacuum the heatsink section to ensure good airflow through the drive.
  • Clean air filters if present or change these if necessary.
  • Make sure all mains & motor connections are tight using a torque wrench to check.
  • Make sure all controls connections are tight.
  • Send a service report on the condition of the drive along with any recommendations & parameter settings to the customer.
  • Power up and make sure the drive is fully operational.

ABB has a robust variable speed drive preventative maintenance schedule to find out more click here.

The benefits of scheduled preventive maintenance

A few of the benefits of a preventative maintenance contract are:

  • Priority access to the IDS 24/7 breakdown and technical support.
  • Reduced risk of failure.
  • Less downtime.
  • Increased variable speed drive lifetime.
  • Controlled maintenance costs.

To discuss a preventative maintenance schedule for your variable speed drives call our Service Manager, Andrew White on 0115 944 1036 or email [email protected]

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