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How Does an Inverter Reduce Energy Consumption?

How Does an Inverter Reduce Energy Consumption?

How Does an Inverter Reduce Energy Consumption? Inverters are used in conjunction with electric motors. An inverter’s basic function is to allow speed control over the motor. Without an inverter, a motor is either off or running at affixed speed. Flow control of applications such as fans and pumps are usually achieved by using a valve or damper – there is a far better way to achieve this flow control, one that will save a considerable amount of energy! Inverters…

Inverters not only control the speed of electric motors, but they offer better process control, gentle starts and stops and even improve power factor.

When you slow centrifugal fans or pumps the energy saving can be spectacular, click here to find out how Cube Law works and why it makes potential energy savings increase.

How Does an Inverter Reduce Energy Consumption?

Often processes vary in demand over the day so having the ability to turn down the speed of the motor during low demand is extremely beneficial. But there is so much more to gain than just a smooth operating system. When you reduce the speed of an electric motor especially on a pump or fan, you reduce the amount of energy that is used. Whilst you might think such a difference would be minuscule, the savings in both energy and costs can be substantial! Energy prices continue to rise, but so do the savings available.

Find out how much energy and cost savings we achieved for a Timber Merchant in Derbyshire, read their story here.

Taking the guesswork out of energy saving

How do you know how much energy fitting an inverter to your electric motors will save? There is a simple answer to that you don’t, that is unless you ask us to conduct a motor energy survey. During the survey we review the applications and motors at your premises, we will produce a realistic estimate of how much energy we can help you to save for each application/electric motor as well as the cost savings. We will also provide clear costings to supply, install and commission the inverters best suited to your applications, environment and usage. This allows you to see the paybacks and prioritise your financial resources.

Electric motors are everywhere and so are the energy saving potentials!

What types of applications can benefit from inverter control?

For commercial premises such as offices and public buildings, inverters can be applied to the electric motors running the HVAC fans, chillers, pumps and cooling towers.

Have a look at how a 17 storey office complex dramatically reduced energy costs year after year!

For industrial and manufacturing premises inverters have been proved to successfully reduce energy and the associated costs for conveyors, compressors, cooling towers, mixers, pumps, fans, chillers, extruders…

Read how Radius Systems reduced the energy used and improved reliability of their extruder lines

For warehousing and logistics sites inverters are successful at reducing energy usage on their large HVAC

Discover how much energy we saved this logistic and warehousing company in Bedford

For quarries, metals and mines inverters can be used to help control crushers, pumps, extract fans, conveyors, hydraulic power packs, compressors.

Find out how much a Steel Castings Manufacturer are set to save by applying inverter technology to their extract fans… pumps, fans, hydraulic power packs, conveyors.

For water companies inverters can reduce energy consumption and improve process control on a variety of pumps, Archimedean screws.

Find out how, by working with Anglian Water, we discovered an effective way to save energy on Archimedean Screws.

For leisure facilities, hotels and restaurants inverters have been proved to save energy on applications such as pumps, fans and HVAC

Find out how this hotel achieved a 53% reduction in energy use and gained significant improvements to their hot water pumping system.

Reducing energy with IDS

At IDS we have worked with inverter technology for over 20 years, applying solutions to every industry sector. With a bushel of case studies, far more than we can comfortably list here and a team of highly experienced and qualified engineers we are confident we can help you to reduce your energy consumption. The first step is to book a motor energy survey, this will give us intelligent data as to which applications to focus on to give the greatest savings. You can book a free survey by calling us on 0115 944 1036 emailing [email protected] or by completing the short form here.


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