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IDS are ABB Inverter specialists. We specify, install, commission, repair, service and hire variable speed drives.

IDS Joins the Energy Efficiency Movement

IDS Joins the Energy Efficiency Movement

Inverter Drive Systems joins the Energy Efficiency Movement.

At IDS, everything we do is centred around energy saving, whether that is for our customers or ourselves. For more than 20 years we have been analysing, surveying and highlighting viable energy saving potentials for customers in almost every industry. Often by creating new and innovative uses of inverter technology. Internally we have long since reduced our own carbon footprint to minimal levels and additionally we have implemented a partnership to offset our consumption by planting trees with Just One Tree.

“The Energy Efficiency Movement brings together all stakeholders to innovate and act for a more energy efficient, regenerative, adaptive world. Together, we can make a real difference if that’s how we decide to use our power.”

How We Save Energy

With the cost of energy skyrocketing and the unsustainable cost to our environment it has never been more important to help our customers to reduce their electricity consumption and therefore costs and working with ABB inverters this is exactly what we do, and have done for more than 20 years.

IDS Joins the Energy Efficiency Movement and You Can Too!

From the Energy Efficiency Movement Manifesto:

“It is estimated that by 2050 the global population will have risen to 9.7 billion, up from 7.7 billion in 2019. The global economy is expected to more than double over the same period. Urbanization, automation, and the rise of living standards will significantly increase the demand for energy globally. At the same time, we urgently need to reduce our CO2 emissions to counter climate change.

If we continue with business as usual, this scale of expansion will accelerate climate change, and degrade the quality of air and water upon which all living organisms depend. To protect the environment, we need to redouble our commitment to reducing CO2 in the atmosphere. In this context, energy efficiency is not an if, it’s a must.”

Join the Energy Efficiency Movement

The Energy Efficiency Movement website states:

“The Energy Efficiency Movement is open to companies and organisations who are prepared to make firm commitments to improve the energy efficiency of their operations. Join us and prepare for a more sustainable future together.”

You too can help to make a more sustainable future for our businesses, employees, families and the entire planet. Join us and make your commitment here.

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